Monday, September 17, 2007 celebrates Constitution Day

Apparently September 17th is Constitution Day in the United States. is celebrating the day by publishing a series of articles about the constitutional issues regarding video games. The articles would be a great read for our elected officials who seem hellbent on wasting our money on pointless, and unconstitutional, laws regulating video games.

The first article is about an article by Julie Hilden, a First Amendment expert. It's a primer on why laws regulating violence in video games have all failed. She makes a great argument about the difference of perpetrating violence and depicting violence.

The second article is regarding a speech by Professor Laurence H. Tribe of Harvard University Law School. He recently gave a speech at Progress and Freedom Foundation's 13th annual Aspen Summit about First Amendment issues relating to technology. His speech goes into considerable detail to explain why video games enjoy First Amendment protection in the first place.

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