Wednesday, August 09, 2006

World of Warcraft players care

In December 2005 Randy Patterson found out he had Burkitt's Lymphoma. It's a very rare and very lethal form of cancer. Randy had a tumor the size of a softball in his neck. It had to be removed and he had to go through rigorous chemotherapy treatment for the next three months after the surgery.

The chemotherapy and recovery from the surgery made Randy very ill. So ill he couldn't walk, let alone work. Losing his income he had trouble paying his bills. The utility company was threatening to shut down the power to his house, if $1,500 of unpaid bills weren't paid, and he was in danger of losing his house altogether.

He plead his State, charities, the Governor, the media, his Senators and even the US President. Nobody helped. Then his World of Warcraft guild heard about his trouble. And they helped.

One of the guild members started a PayPal fund and the money from the guild members started flowing in. The guild raised $4,000 for Randy and his family. He got to keep his house.

The best news of all, Randy beat his cancer and is now recovering quickly.

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