Thursday, November 03, 2005

Video games as a means to escape physical pain

Steven Burkeland has a club foot, a birth defect that has forced him to go through several surgeries, one of which left the nerves in his foot damaged. Apparently the nerves do grow back, but painfully so. Steven says he's happy just to be able to walk.

Steven's also an avid video gamer. He's 18 and has played video games since the age of 12. He says:
"In games, I can run, I can jump, I can play sports, and I can defeat fantasy creatures and save the world. Video games take my mind off my pain and allow me to live at least through the characters as a normal person."
His parents are well aware of his video gaming habits and when he was younger actively monitored his game playing. They also pay close attention to game ratings.

"Please, if you care so much about your children," his father said, "take a minute when you're with them buying games and read the rating box and why it's rated that way."
Steven maintains a role playing game site called The RP Site.

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